In Response to: Essay: Meeting Malcolm X

Lanny told me as well as other classmates from St. Louis Country Day School (now MICDS) about his interview with Malcolm X. We correspond in a monthly Zoom meeting. I knew about it already but did not realize he was an underclassman at the time. Lanny has had an impressive career as a journalist with Time, Inc. and is the author of several books. Then there is Mike Witte, who surfed in his wake as an illustrator. Our headmaster was Ashby T. Harper, a Princeton graduate as well, bringing fellow Princetonians with him to teach. As a result, my class of ’62 sent an abundance of members to your institution. Kudos also to Mike for his video sent upon his 50th reunion entitled The Serendipity of Failure.

Carl “CB” Gebhard
Greenwood Village, Colo.