In Response to: All in the Family

I very much enjoyed your story on alumni wineries (“All In The Family,” June issue). To your list of esteemed alumni vineyards/wineries, I’d like to make a modest addition — mine, Chateau Marcelle (my daughter is Marcelle). Although it doesn’t have extensive acreage in Napa or Chile (just a small plot in my Long Island backyard), it’s not a livelihood-dependent commercial winery (just a very time-consuming hobby), and it doesn’t produce thousands of cases (just about 50 bottles in a good year, made in my basement, most of which I give away to family and friends), it is a labor of love. I plant and prune each vine, crush each grape, ferment each batch, and bottle/cork/label each bottle. And, as a self-professed Bruce Springsteen fanatic, over the years I have produced over 30 different wines commemorating over 30 different Springsteen albums.

I’ve also made wines to commemorate such things as my children’s weddings and our 35th Princeton reunion (above).

Arnie Breitbart ’81
Great Neck, N.Y.