In Response to: Across Nassau Street

Published online July 31, 2017

I very much enjoyed reading your article, “Across Nassau Street” (cover story, April 26). It brought back happy memories of living in the neighborhood across from the University. During my senior year I didn’t want to live on campus. Instead, I stayed in a tumbledown house on Green Street with a group of other students. We were frequently asked by our neighbors to do something about the state of our lawn, which was a tangle of weeds and tall grass. I regret it now, as I would feel the same if a group of students stayed in my neighborhood and let their garden go to weed in such a disastrous manner.

The house was in a sad condition, and we spent a lot of time fixing the plumbing and trying to patch the plaster, which had a habit of falling off the walls. Still, it was a great year and a great place to live. We made many friends in the neighborhood, and often stopped to chat with them when we walked to Conte’s for pizza on a Saturday night.

I think I wore a path between that house and my carrel in Firestone Library, which is probably still there. I’ve often wondered if the house continued to be a home for students and whether other people have memories of living there. After reading your article, I had a look at it on Google Earth, and it looks just like I remembered it, all those years ago.  

Ellen “Sara” Rosenbaum McCance ’81
Fife, Scotland