In Response to: On Parole In Paradise

I ran across this article quite by chance during one of the many COVID-19 shelter in place days. Surfing the web and playing with Google, I happened to type in Princeton 44 and my father’s name and to my surprise all of this came to light.

I want to thank Princeton for publishing this article recounting my father’s life during the war. Mr. Eu said he didn’t know of the 5-mile restriction as my father never mentioned anything. I didn’t know of anything that happened during the war years as my father never talked about it. He never complained about anything for any reason. I had no idea of the many hardships and challenges he endured during the war.  

I’ve always had a great deal of love and respect for my father. Growing up during a period of extreme prejudice and bullying I was raised with strict values and the highest standards and now I have a better understanding and appreciation for my upbringing.

During more recent years, my relationship with my father became strained. I can’t honestly remember why, I’m sure it was my fault, but we never reached out to each other.  I feel a reconnection after reading the article published by Princeton and regret not being there for my father during some of his happiest years.  I’m sure my step sister Emi’s marriage to his longtime friend Mr. Eu’s son must have been a time of great joy and celebration. This only happens in fairy tales.

I wanted to thank Princeton for everything it did for my father and especially for publishing the recent article that brought me closer to him. 

Thank you,

Teri Ikeda
Honolulu, Hawaii