I had looked forward to reading the article, “An Ongoing Crisis” (April 22), hoping to learn new information about the science behind the COVID-19 virus. While there were some informative elements, the bulk of the piece was a checklist of left-leaning political points.

The comprehensiveness was impressive: Trump is a failure; eating meat is bad; treating humans as (way) more valuable than animals is ignorant; experts know best; Trump is really a failure; we need a bigger federal government and more government spending; the Constitution is outdated; Trump is really, really a failure; climate change threatens the end of society.

Some of it was downright laughable in its inconsistency: COVID is an order of magnitude less fatal than MERS and SARS, yet the severity of this pandemic calls for unprecedented measures; closing international borders to stop virus transmission is poor policy, but closing the borders of one’s own home is essential to “break the chain of transmission.”

And experts wonder why so many people don’t trust them to be reliable sources of unbiased information?

Walter Weber ’81
Alexandria, Va.