Princeton & Slavery? hahahahhahahhahahah THE PEACE MAKERS

The concept of slavery in America is bigoted and only seeks to segment our inert social fabric. 
Children today are misdirected because they are not told the truth about slavery as an institution — worldwide.

The majority of the Europeans who settled this country, as far back as the early 1500s to 1600, did not come here because they were rich. They came here out of slavery, poverty and social degradation – as slaves.

The Irish, dying by the millions on the Ulster plantations. The world of the Britains created under slavery by the Angles, Jutes and Saxons. The word England itself comes from the word Angle Land.

We can go on and on with this conversation all the way back to the Roman Empire with the brainless subjects who actually think Caesar was a great emperor; with men being slaughtered daily and all of the women and children being sent into slavery and prostitution. Many ethnic groups including Italians and Germans tasted the power of the empire.

The state of Germany itself did not abolish slavery until late 1585; and even then, it still remained virtual slavery due to the wretched state of the economy and social structure. German people still remained in the same wretched state as if still in slavery.

It seems as though the same bigoted Southern mentality is still with us today, with politicians still working feverishly to retain false images for the European concept of money and power. Taking a close look at why this country has retained greatness is because all of the wars fought are fought ethically and consciously trying to eliminate the antagonistic and sadistic behavior of European culture. Why are Nazis still allowed to march in American cities — after two world wars?

When intelligent and trustworthy Americans such as Lincoln and Grant come to our aid again, and begin to truly educate the public, then we will begin to have a truly democratic society.

Clarence Thomsen