I was struck by two omissions in David Walter’s “Crashing the Conservative Party.” First, how does an article that spends so much time on Princeton conservatism in the ’80s fail to even mention the Concerned Alumni of Princeton and its mouthpiece, the convicted grifter (and, naturally, Trump-pardoned) Dinesh D’Souza? Sam Alito boasted of being a CAP member. Bill Bradley had the good sense to resign from the group. If Professor George now laughs at his early liberal colleagues, where did he stand on D’Souza when he arrived on campus in 1985?

Second, how does an article that spends so much time on Princeton conservatism today not even try to put any of its subjects on the record about the Trump con, election denial, or January 6 — or their inevitable imitators among Netanyahu’s new cabinet and Bolsonaro’s thugs? Look, it’s all fun and think tanks — speech, scotch, and seersucker — until someone storms the Capitol. Where are George, Hazony, Gold, and Anthony on those conservative “successes”? At least Matt Schmitz ’08 has the guts to tell us he’s still in the tank for insurrection. What about you, Professor George? Signed up with Ron DeSantis’ thought police yet?

That said, thank you, PAW, for the helpful history lessons. I had no idea that through the ’50s, according to Yoram Hazony, Princeton mostly served wealthy New Jersey families, as opposed to being the favorite Ivy of Virginians and Carolinians. And of course I am proud to learn that no Princeton student was ever publicly drunk or indecent before 1960!

David Bonowitz ’85
San Francisco, Calif.