I am fed up with the abusive, intolerant attitude of woke people and institutions. Princeton seems to be permeated with woke intolerance and stupidity. The Katz episode is a perfect example of crossing the woke consensus as dangerous. The idea that ballet dancers should be told that “[b]allet is rooted in white supremacy and perfectionism” is appalling. Calling a conservative “transphobic, racist, fatphobic, and an enemy of queer people” is outright harassment and should be grounds for suspension, just as casting epithets at a minority should be punished.

My bottom line is that I am no longer willing to support intolerance. Over the years, I have contributed faithfully to Princeton, even when I was financially strapped. I will contribute no longer until tolerance is restored. I will attend my 50th reunion to celebrate the time when a relatively conservative student body tolerated every kind of idea and opinion. Students today are being cheated by being deprived of alternative points of view.

Jeff Wieler ’73
Athens, Ga.