As publisher of the Tory, Princeton’s journal for conservative thought, I’d like to thank David Walter ’11 for his thoughtful coverage of the state of conservatism on campus. I’m proud to study at a university where conservatives are allowed a prominent presence. Conservatism thrives at Princeton not only due to Professor Robert George’s efforts, but also thanks to the University’s adherence to the Chicago Principles, which fosters a greater degree of free expression than many other campuses in this country.

Conservative perspectives are by no means treated equally in the broader campus conversation. Still, Princeton remains a place where young conservatives can meet like-minded peers who challenge their ideas and inspire them to think more deeply. The Tory will continue to fight to keep it that way and ensure that thinkers of all stripes can engage with current events, debate, write, and evolve at Princeton.

Darius Gross ’24
Englewood, N.J.