In Response to: Flippant Cover Line

John Brittain ’59’s knickers-in-a knot letter over the Wilson School renaming (Inbox, November issue) somehow collapsed into a curious cacophony about totemism comparing masculine and feminine characteristics, childishly suggesting aggression as naturally superior to compassion. Mr. Brittain clearly considers his argument brave and bold but it is basically full of baloney being all blather, bluff, and braggadocio with no bite. Mr. Brittain offers the tiger as a personification of what to him is clearly preferred masculine character. He seems to be forgetting the female tiger who when defending her cubs is the more aggressive of the two tiger genders. This fundamental oversight by Mr. Brittain clearly labels him a member of the old school, so to speak, and so we must excuse his inevitable error. 

Rocky Semmes ’79
Alexandria, Va.