Alan died Feb. 24, 2022, after an illness of several months. He was predeceased by his older brother Jan Benes Vlcek ’65. Alan was very proud of his Czech heritage and of his family’s relationship to the Czech patriot and president of Czechoslovakia, Edvard Benes. He and his brother bore, and both of Alan’s sons bear, the middle name of Benes.

Alan came to Princeton from the Savannah Country Day School. At Princeton, he roomed with John Borders, Frank Camacho, Denis Hoppe, John Modzelewski, and the late Tom Crough and David Parsons. He ate at Charter. His roommates and friends remember his electric energy, his wit and quirky sense of humor, and his big heart. Noted also for being hardworking, Alan was a Commons captain and managed the student pizza, donut, and stationery agencies.

Following graduation, Alan served in the Navy and the Naval Reserve. He graduated from Penn Law School in 1976 and forged a career in corporate litigation in admiralty and maritime law. His interest in politics, his Princeton major, led in later years to his involvement as a campaign volunteer and poll worker.

Alan is survived by his sons, Andrew and Edward, and their spouses; and by his brothers, David and Peter. His sons note that Alan was able to comfort them with his playful sense of humor even in his final days in the hospital, a testament to his strength of character as a man and as a father.

Undergraduate Class of 1969