Lud died March 25, 2019, in Leesburg, Va. He was 82.

He came to Princeton from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va., where he participated in football and wrestling and was active in the literary organizations. At Princeton he was an NROTC regular, a member of Quadrangle Club, and a varsity wrestler. He roomed with Joe Roxe, Jim Ledwith, and Wilson Kinkead.

After graduation Lud entered the Marines and served nine years on active duty as an aviator followed by 22 years in the Marine Corps Reserve, retiring as a colonel.

Since high school he was an avid nature enthusiast and participated in hawking and falconry. He earned a Ph.D. from Cornell in ecology based on his field studies of the migratory habits of falcons in Morocco.

At our 50th reunion he said his main interests were “watching the Earth spin and doing what can be done with bird dog, duck dog, and falcon.”

Lud is survived by his three sons, Arthur ’83, Thurston, and Perrin ’93. The class extends its deepest sympathy to them all.

Undergraduate Class of 1958