Aubert Daigneault, professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Montreal, died Jan. 30, 2019, at age 86.

Daigneault graduated in 1954 and 1956 with bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively, from the University of Montreal. In 1959 he earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton.

He began his teaching career in 1958 and it lasted until 2000, when he became a professor emeritus at the University of Montreal in the department of mathematics and statistics, where he had been the director for nine years.

Daigneault taught at the Royal Military College in Kingston, the University of Ottawa, and at the University of California, Berkeley. His teaching encompassed several aspects of mathematics, and in particular the axiomatic theory of sets, Galois theory, non-standard analysis, and the theory of measurement.

Daigneault believed in eternal life, in rational knowledge, and in love. He became a pantheist in the manner of Giordano Bruno, Baruch Spinoza, and Albert Einstein. He is survived by his wife, Monique; and two sons.

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