Barbara Frankel, professor emeritus of anthropology at Lehigh University, died April 14, 2016, at the age of 87.

In 1947, after two years at the University of Chicago, she earned a Ph.D. degree. She married in 1949, had three children, and participated in various political and artistic activities while her children were young. In 1966, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Goddard College, and in 1969 earned a master’s degree in cultural anthropology from Temple University. Frankel then earned a Ph.D. in anthropology at Princeton in 1974.

She taught anthropology at Lehigh for 20 years, rising to full professor and serving as associate dean of arts and sciences for two years. She wrote a book based on her doctoral dissertation on the culture of a community for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Her first husband, Dr. Herbert Frankel, died in 1976, and in 1983 she married Dr. Daniel Campbell, an eminent social scientist. They both retired from Lehigh in 1993, and he died in 1996. She was passionate about political and social inequality, and worked for local and national charitable and political organizations.

Frankel is survived by three children, two stepsons, two grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.

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Graduate Class of 1974