Bruce came from New Trier High School to focus on geology and eat at Cloister. He ran cross-country and track; belonged to the St. Paul’s Society, Chapel Choir, and the Chicago Club; and roomed with Thoburn Maxwell.

After two years in the Navy, Bruce earned a master’s degree in geology at Northwestern, then a Ph.D. in that subject at Rutgers (1962}. From 1962-73 he was a geologist for Shell Oil Co. Then he changed course, becoming a teacher at the Howard School in Santa Barbara and then on the staff of the Dunn School in Los Olivos, Calif.

For The Book of Our History Bruce reported his marriage to Jeanne Southerd and having four children, Laurel, Donald, Robin, and Daniel. He further recounted the story of Mike Hogan’s piano and its fate at the hands of Joline residents, who tired of it.

Bruce died April 26, 2021, in Lompoc, Calif. To his wife and children,  the class offers its good wishes and thanks to Bruce for his naval service.

Undergraduate Class of 1952