Thanks to top grades in science courses, Roger graduated Phi Beta Kappa and near the top of our class. He was annoyed, however, by being dragged out of summa cum laude into magna by a 2- in a sociology course. 

An Eagle Scout, Roger arrived at Princeton from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis, dined at Elm Club, and majored in chemistry. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. With a winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine, he co-wrote two articles on cholesterol biosynthesis. 

Working for Chase Manhattan Bank in 1972, Roger helped create and manage a new business — leasing of aircraft and heavy equipment. Included was the construction of a power plant under a $400 million lease, a lot of money then and never-before done.  

A longtime resident of Haddonfield, N.J., Roger served for years as president of the Philadelphia Securities Association. He achieved the level of a 32nd-degree Mason. In retirement, he managed investments for a few friends.  

A descendant of two signers of the Declaration of Independence, he was a cousin of actor Kirk Douglas. Roger died March 13, 2020. He is survived by a son, a daughter, and four grandchildren. “I love my family and they love me,” this most happy fella declared. 

Undergraduate Class of 1957