After a year of major health challenges, lifelong Texan Cal died March 16, 2023, in Marble Falls, near Austin, just 12 days after his 75th birthday. 

Born in Paris, Texas, Cal attended St. John’s School in Houston, where his father was headmaster. At Princeton, Cal majored in politics and was active in the Princeton Conservative Club and Young Republicans. He was treasurer of Dial Lodge, where he lived senior year with Dick Schneider and Tim Watrud. He is especially remembered for his skill at poker, which paid for a new Camaro that he willingly loaned to friends. 

Following graduation, Cal shared housing and good times with classmate Charlie Miller and two other friends. He worked at Princeton Bank & Trust while attending Wharton. Returning to Texas in 1976, Cal settled in Austin and began investing in real estate. Happily, this led him to the love of his life, Mary Margaret Brennan, first his tenant, then in 1978 his wife. Their daughter, Callie, was born in 1985.

For nearly four decades, Cal’s work focused on mental health care and residential treatment for adolescents, and later for adults. Cal was executive director of the Daystar Residential Treatment Center and most recently was co-owner and CFO of Memeeha, a group home.

Cal is survived by Mary Margaret and Callie; son-in-law Allan Crawford; grandson Crew Nicholas; his brother Kim and sister-in-law Bettie; and his sister, Elissa Salls. We join his family in mourning Cal’s passing, remembering his ready smile, his infectious laugh, and the Texas twang that he never lost.

Undergraduate Class of 1969