One of our most experienced medical experts and a serious candidate for best-traveled classmate, Chuck died May 1, 2022, in France of colon cancer.

He joined us from Suffield Academy in Connecticut. Chuck showed his scientific chops early, majoring in biology, while choralizing with the Nassoons and being a stalwart of the reportedly undefeated Charter Blades.

After two years in Boston, he and wife Anette made the bold move to her homeland Denmark, then to Sweden as they gathered medical degrees, sons, and clinical experience. He then moved into research, and eventually a leadership role at Novo Nordisk. There followed Vienna, Belgium, and eventually opting to move to France rather than return to Copenhagen, all the while accumulating family adventures and friends across the world, with whom he always stayed in touch. Chuck returned to patient medicine, his clinic ensconced in southern France, using the English, Danish, Swedish, German, and French wisdom from along the way.

Chuck is survived by his wife of 52 years, Anette, who opened the world to him those many years ago; sons Christoffer and Mathias, internationalists in the footsteps of their parents; his sisters Nancy, Lynn, and Anne, and all their families. What they describe as his “sense of curiosity and openness to new experiences” is not only a trait, but a worldview we all should recall and strive toward each day.

Undergraduate Class of 1970