Chuck died Feb. 27, 2017, on Singer Island, Riviera Beach, Fla. A veteran of the Army, he had been treated for illnesses by the Veterans Administration in his late years.

Chuck came to the Class of  ’67 from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pa., where he was a leader, scholar, and athlete of distinction. He was sophomore class treasurer, junior class vice president, a National Merit Scholar, and a member of the basketball, track, and golf teams.

At Princeton he was a very talented member of the University golf team all four years. He roomed with Mike Wyatt, Charlie McDowell, Manny Johnson, John Baker, and Randy Spence. He was also very active in IAA sports for Tiger Inn and was a member of the 21 Club.

After graduation Chuck was drafted and initially assigned to South Korea with an expectation to be rotated to Vietnam. However, he continued his great love of golf and placed second in the Korean Open Tournament, which caught the attention of the commanding general of his Army base. The general thereupon made him a permanent base assignee, golf instructor, and playing partner.

After military service Chuck returned to the States to pursue a business career. He lived in Phoenix for a number of years. His close friends from the golf team, former roommates, and classmates uniformly spoke of Chuck as a uniquely special friend whose loss was deeply felt. He was a trusting man — naively innocent in ways — whose friendship was always extended in unexpected, often extraordinary efforts to assist, though he was enigmatically withdrawn in late years.

Chuck’s death had a deep emotional impact on his classmates that was revealing of his character. The class will always remember him.

Undergraduate Class of 1967