Dick died Oct. 23, 2021, in Susan, Va. He was 85.

He came to Princeton from Burris High School in Muncie, Ind., where he was active in student government, dramatics, and the newspaper.

At Princeton he was a Navy ROTC regular, president of Dial Lodge, and majored in the Woodrow Wilson School. He lived in the club with the other officers.

After serving three years in the Navy, Dick became a member of the diplomatic corps for eight years in Spain and Chile and was a White House staffer under President Lyndon Johnson for the next two years. Then he began a 29-year career in the mutual fund/money market fund industry as an officer at the Investment Company Institute in Washington, D.C.

Dick spent countless hours with nonprofit organizations in Washington and, after retiring, in Susan. In our 50th-reunion yearbook, he wrote a long and interesting set of verses about his views of life.

Dick is survived by his wife, Adele; sons John and Chris; his daughter, Stephanie Baur; and seven grandchildren. The class extends its deepest sympathy to them all.

Undergraduate Class of 1958