Cappy died March 28, 2016, in California. 

He came to us from The Hill School. His good cheer always seemed to find him active in groups. He was a standout diver for Princeton as well as an ardent Tigertone. 

Cappy left us before graduation but followed his social interests and academic bent, earning a Ph.D. in developmental psychology at Syracuse in 1977. Clearly this worked well, as two years later he married Mary Ann, a clinical psychologist. They remained for four years in Tennessee, and then made the big move to Southern California in 1983. He worked as a research psychologist and gradually moved into teaching, finishing at California State University — first at Fullerton, then retiring in 2015 from Long Beach, where he was much admired by his students. 

Cappy is survived by his wife, Mary Ann; and his daughter, Jenna Renfrew ’91. Through his messages in our reunion books, we know a great deal about Cappy’s pride in Jenna and his role as a caring parent. With them, we mourn his loss, and find inspiration in a life spent serving the mental well-being of others.  

Undergraduate Class of 1970