Longtime Cape Elizabeth, Maine, resident and Portland attorney, Dave died Dec. 5, 2023, at Mercy Hospital in Portland.

The son of David N. Fisher ’30, Dave was born in New York City and raised in Greenwich, Conn. He came to us from Brunswick School in Greenwich.

At Princeton, Dave majored in English, ate at Tower Club, played rugby, and roomed with Mike Miles, Ken Moyle, and Steve Heller. He was active in bicker at Tower.

Following Princeton, Dave earned a law degree at Salmon P. Chase College of Law in Kentucky and practiced law at Drummond & Drummond in Portland for the next 42 years. He was known as a deliberate and empathetic lawyer with a calming, thoughtful demeanor. As a fourth-generation Tiger, he bled orange and black and was known to spontaneously break out in “Old Nassau” from time to time.

Dave was predeceased by his wife of 41 years, Mary Sue. He is survived by his daughters, Wendy Westervelt and Lisa; sons David III ’91 and Andrew ’99; 10 grandchildren, including Sebastian Fisher ’24; and his partner of more than 12 years, Robyn Hooper.

Undergraduate Class of 1961