A native of northern New Jersey, Dave joined us from Andover to major in English, play midfielder on our national co-champion lacrosse team, and sing in the Glee Club. He roomed with Sandy Trowbridge and Mike Winton. Widely admired for his affable manner, he took an active role in student affairs, serving as president of Cap and Gown and chair of the Inter-Club Council at a time when bicker and 100 percent-membership issues challenged club relations with Nassau Hall.

Dave joined the CIA upon graduation. He was stationed in Tehran undercover and was a member of the team headed by Kermit Roosevelt Jr. that engineered the overthrow of the Iranian government in 1953. After eight years with the CIA, Dave worked for Procter & Gamble and several export/import companies before establishing his own import company and a consulting business specializing in international marketing and foreign-exchange issues.

Dave and his wife, Cynthia, retired to Sanibel/Fort Myers in the late 1980s, spending their summers at the venerable Corlear Bay Club in the northern Adirondacks. 

Dave died Jan. 8, 2022, in Cape Coral, Fla. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Cynthia; and three children, including Peter Adams ’81.

Undergraduate Class of 1951