Dean had an illustrious career as a city planner with a wealth of civic projects to his credit. Among his more notable achievements was his service as a housing consultant for five HUD senior-living housing projects. He also provided master planning ordinances for numerous communities, and attended many local planning and ordinance meetings.

Dean came to Princeton from Exeter. He sang in the Glee Club, played on the varsity tennis and squash teams, belonged to the Chess Club and the St. Paul Society, and was a member of Key & Seal. He majored in economics and the American Civilization Program and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. After earning a master’s degree in city planning from MIT, Dean joined Urban Renewal Associates in Washington, and then established his own practice in 1962.

Dean wrote several books on medieval weaponry, a special interest of his, and was an active alumnus of Princeton, taking part in numerous regional and class activities. He was a member of the Maclean Society for many years and attended many class reunions.

Dean died Nov. 29, 2020. He is survived by his wife, Penny; and their three children, James, Robert, and Sally. Our respectful condolences go to all.

Undergraduate Class of 1949