Duff died March 26, 2022. This kind, amiable, adventurous man leaves behind his spouse of nearly 40 years, Connie; a brother Pom; and an adopted sister, Jade. 

Duff came to Princeton from Pomfret School, where he was on the soccer, hockey, tennis, and track teams. He and Andy Kerr roomed together. 

At Princeton, Duff played Campus Club volleyball and varsity soccer. He was a geologist and geological engineer, and the movie image of a tall and powerful man in his full Scots outfit that he wore to social events: kilt, knee socks, fancy shirt, jacket, sporran, and a small dirk tucked into one of the socks. 

Moving to Colorado, he earned a master’s degree at the Colorado School of Mines in 1964. He met the love of his life, Connie Harvey, on a Windjammer Cruise on vacation from her job as a partner in a computer company. Duff won awards for his leadership of the US National Ski Patrol, worked an offshore oil rig in Alaska, climbed “fourteeners,” did budget work for Colorado, captained (for hire and his own) sailboats, and lived aboard a converted shrimp trawler, with his loving and tolerant wife.

Duff is remembered as a lovely guy, always kind. He will be missed.

Undergraduate Class of 1962