Don died Dec. 8, 2019, of complications from a fall and worsening dementia. He was a resident of Paramus, N.J.

Born and raised in East Orange, N.J., Don came to us from Clifford J. Scott High School, where he played varsity tennis. At Princeton he majored in economics, ate at Dial, participated in Whig-Clio, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Following six months of active duty with the New Jersey Army National Guard, Don began his career in finance with the National Association of Mutual Savings Banks in Manhattan while pursuing an MBA in banking and finance at New York University, bestowed in 1966. He remained with the savings-bank industry until his first retirement. He moved into real estate as a sales associate but decided after five years to retire completely and pursue his avocation as an accomplished watercolor artist, painting scenes of countrysides and farms, fishing villages, boats, and old buildings. He belonged to the Ridgewood Art Institute.

Close behind painting, Don enjoyed gardening and salt-water fishing, belonging to the Salt Water Fishing Club in Glen Rock, N.J.

Don is survived by Joan, whom he married in 1965; and his sons, John and James. We have sent condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1959