Pete died July 6, 2018, in Redding, Conn., his residence after many years spent living in New Canaan.

Pete was a graduate of the Millbrook School; almost all of his classmates (15) came to Princeton in the summer of 1945, but his matriculation was postponed by the draft, as he turned 18 in January 1945 and Uncle Sam snagged him. He was released shortly after the end of the war, and joined the rest of us in time to join Quadrangle Club and major in psychology.

Pete left Princeton in early 1949 and went to work at General Motors in its Chevrolet division. After five years, he joined his father in Suchar Engineering & Sales Co., serving the sugar refining and processing industries. He eventually spent his entire career in that field. The work involved “quite a bit of traveling to various tropical areas, so my Princeton Spanish gets an occasional workout,” Pete reported.

He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Joy; their children, Judy, Keith, and Andy; and five grandchildren. We send our condolences and deep sympathy to Joy and the children. He will be missed by all.

Undergraduate Class of 1949