Eb was one of the Class of 1957’s most all-round accomplished members — in business, philanthropy, scholarship, tennis, writing (Fortune magazine), competitive poker and chess, and fly fishing near his home in Bear Creek, Pa., on the Colorado ranch of the late Bart Strang, and elsewhere. He was best known in our time for the pencil manufacturer bearing his name, founded by an ancestor in 1849 and sold by Eb in 1986.

When Eb was a boy, he was on the “Howdy Doody Show,” a New York City boys table tennis champion, and a reporter on Child’s World interviewing inter alia his idol, Jackie Robinson, in 1948. The same year, Life magazine profiled Eb.

At Princeton, Eb became chairman of The Daily Princetonian after the late Johnny Apple flunked out. Eb joined Colonial Club. He wrote his thesis in part on Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler and graduated magna cum laude with election to Phi Beta Kappa.

 Eb was a director of the Philadelphia branch of the Federal Reserve (where he met and later fished with Paul Volcker); PNC Bank; nearby King’s College, which he helped direct for more than 40 years; and Geisinger Hospital, where he died Sept. 2, 2022, of a heart attack at age 85.

Eb is survived by two children, four stepchildren, and many other family members. His wife, Marie Louise Carey Smith, predeceased him in 2019.

Undergraduate Class of 1957
Graduate Class of 1963