Woody — born Edward Rutledge Allen, Feb. 12, 1950 in New York City — died Aug. 24, 2021, at home in Portsmouth, N.H., with his family by his side.

Woody came to Princeton from the Trinity School, following his father, John R. Allen ’41. He was already an accomplished musician and quickly formed a campus affiliation with other performers involved in Triangle.

Following graduation, the English major with a musical soul moved to Key West, Fla., in 1977, continuing his musical career with his band, the Survivors. There he married Chance Brooks Allen, and they raised three beautiful children.

Woody and family moved to Portsmouth in 1995. He is survived by his wife, Chance; their children, Zeph, Gracie, and Finn Allen; brother James; mother Pat; and many nieces, nephews, and in-laws, friends, and fans.

A musical gathering was held Sept. 16, 2021, at the York Harbor Inn in York, Maine. The family also looks forward to celebrating Woody’s memory among his Key West friends in the coming year. Forever may we keep “feelin’ good down in our neighborhood!” The class sends condolences to his family.

Undergraduate Class of 1972