Ed came to us from Yonkers High School in New York. At Princeton he participated in JV wrestling and lacrosse. Beginning in basic engineering, he switched to English and wrote his thesis for the English department. Ed dined at Key and Seal, where he was active in IAA sports. 

He fulfilled his Navy ROTC obligation serving in the Far East and Caribbean. In 1963 he married Susan and commenced five years study at Yale Law School, earning a law degree in 1967 and M.Phil. in economics in 1968.

Ed had a 27-year career in the State Department, largely with the USAID. He served 12 years in international posts, 12 more in Washington in science and technology management, then completed his foreign service in Ukraine from 1991 to 1993. Upon retirement in 1995, he and Susan settled on a rural, wooded property in remote Northwest California. There, he became adept in rural land management and thrived “off the grid” until his death Oct. 31, 2021.

The whole family were keen lifelong campers and hikers in remote and challenging places worldwide, roughly corresponding with his USAID assignments. They were also committed to the Episcopal Church, especially its role in global development. Ed is survived by his daughter, Meredith; and several grandchildren, to whom we offer our sympathies.

Undergraduate Class of 1960