Ed died Feb. 15, 2020, in Greenwich, Conn.

He prepared for Princeton at Bloomsburg (Pa.) High School and majored in history, writing a thesis on “A Business History of U.S. Corporations.” He was a member of the Advertising Forum and was employed by George Gallup in advertising research, which augured his illustrious career in advertising. He joined Charter Club, was active in IAA sports, and graduated with honors.

During his Army tour of duty in Berlin Germany, with the Army from 1954 to 
1957, he met and, after discharge, married 
Eva-Maria Dost. 

Ed had an illustrious career in advertising with Young and Rubicam in domestic and foreign posts. During his career he lived abroad and traveled all over the world, enjoying the experience of different cultures and building lifelong memories. He loved academics and learning, taking as his personal motto Aristotle’s epigram: “Education is the best provision for old age.”

He is survived by daughter Allegra, granddaughter Lia, and brother John. Eva-Maria died in 2018.

Undergraduate Class of 1954