A singular example of Princeton’s dedication to service and teaching, Ed died Aug. 5, 2023, of complications of congestive heart failure.

One of our contingent from Gilman School, Ed became treasurer of Cloister Inn and majored in chemistry; he wrote his thesis, “Atmospheric Photochemical Reactions,” under Maitland Jones, foreshadowing a lifetime dedication to the environment. Ed received his law degree at Wisconsin, then returned to New Jersey, directed the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, then became founding director of the Rutgers Environmental Law Clinic in Newark. He served on multiple statewide boards addressing such flashpoints as the Meadowlands and the Pine Barrens, while teaching and testifying in Trenton and Washington, D.C. 

In 2000, Ed became the director of the Environmental Law Clinic at Columbia Law, where an endowed chair was created for him. It is fair to say that his 37 years at Rutgers and Columbia have physically enriched New Jersey and its surrounding area, while educating a small army of skilled environmentalists. In all this, he was a rabid Princetonian. He attended Reunions from birth with his father Edward Lloyd Jr. ’42; the first he ever missed was our 50th in 2022 due to his illness. He regarded missing a home basketball game as a mortal sin.

Ed is survived by his wife, Janine Bauer, also a skilled environmental attorney; their children Alexander and Abigail; sister Pamela Coulter ’72, and a wide extended family. Their pride in the joyful friendship of someone so important to the daily world we live in can be exceeded only by our own.

Undergraduate Class of 1970