Ed died June 16, 2019, of multiple organ failure following years of health challenges. He was a true intellectual with broad interests and infectious joy.

Ed came to us from Delbarton School as a university scholar with an inquisitive mind. He studied the new field of statistics with the great John Tukey *39, who was his mentor on his undergraduate thesis, “Information and Meaning in Statistics,” and his Ph.D. dissertation “Statistics: Implications of Applications.” Ed topped those accomplishments off with a law degree from Fordham. Meanwhile, we suspected his creation and management of the Student Odd Job Agency was really a tribute to the villain from Goldfinger.

Ed followed Tukey to Bell Labs, where he applied his acumen in years of work on statistical research and analyses, as well as groundbreaking strategic planning on, well, strategic planning. His interests evolved into other areas, including starting the award-winning journal Oxymoron, teaching statistics at Hunter and space law at Fordham, while keeping up his statistics consulting on the side. None dared interfere with his notable Groundhog Day parties.

Ed is survived by his wife, Carol, and daughter, Alison, who, while still amazed by his many abilities, unfailingly speak of him with a smile, as do all of us.

Undergraduate Class of 1970
Graduate Class of 1974