Ned died peacefully Jan. 1, 2020.

Son of Irvin A. Sprague 1919, Ned came to us from Pomfret School, majored in economics, joined Key and Seal, and was active in the Yacht Club and Whig-Clio.

After what he called “an unsuccessful hitch” at Columbia Business School, he served two years in the Army. He married Patricia Ivy Karen in 1957. He eventually earned a master’s degree in economics at New York University.

He was dedicated to the world of finance and the future economics of the world. His career included work with the economics departments of Lehman Brothers and other firms and eventually with economic and tax-policy think tanks in Washington, D.C.

He enjoyed adventures with family and friends. Many of these adventures involved boats — canoes and kayaks, getting frostbite while racing on a nearly-homemade Dyer Dhow dinghy named Ratfink, sailing a Sunfish and a Laser, and of course Sabrina and Sprinter. There were also adventures in moving — from Rowayton, Conn., to Montgomery County, Md., and, upon retirement in 1994, to southern Maryland  “to take advantage of good sailing opportunities.” Nothing surpassed his dedication to his wife, Pat, who died in 2019. He loved his family, all of them, unconditionally.

He is survived by children James, Elizabeth, and Jennifer and grandchildren Cassie and Ben. Home is the sailor. “Full and Bye,” Ned.

Undergraduate Class of 1954