A busier but more caring life than Ned Bryan’s would be hard to imagine. He was born in Japan, the son of a Presbyterian missionary. The family left in 1939, settling in Bessemer, Ala., where Ned became president of his high school student body.

At Princeton, he was president of Cloister Inn and a member of the Chapel Choir, the Undergraduate Council, Inter-Club Council, and Westminster Foundation. He managed the Express-Reunion Agency and the Parking Squad senior year. His senior-year roommates were Hal Bahls, Karn Griffen, Gordy Huff, Ralph Quere, John Robinson, and John Weinberg.

After the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and residency, Ned was chief medical officer at a women’s prison in West Virginia, then a cardiology fellow.

There followed private practice in Greensboro, N.C., from which he retired in 2001, continuing as an expert medical witness for appeals of Social Security disability cases, president of medical societies and hospital medical boards, and financial supporter and leader of local charities.

He was a founder of an insurance plan that became part of United Health and an elder of his Presbyterian church, where he sang baritone in the chancel choir.

Ned died Nov. 29, 2019, at home, of cancer of his tongue. He is survived by his wife, Joan, whom he met in high school and married in 1958; three children; and two grandchildren. “He loved everyone he knew at Princeton,” Joan said.

Undergraduate Class of 1957