Ed died Feb. 17, 2018, in Beaufort, N.C.

He came to Princeton from Weehawken, N.J., and the Peddie School, where he was an active art and outing club member and tennis, track, and squash team participant.

Ed’s father was in the Class of 1940, his Uncle James was in the Class of 1930, and his older brother Martin was in the Class of 1964. Ed majored in the architecture department and roomed at 71 Little Hall with George Kallop and the late Pat Wristen. He was a member of Elm Club, Navy ROTC, and the freshman and varsity track teams. Ed’s hobbies included building model boats and ships.

A Navy lieutenant, Ed married Suzanne Schrappel in 1968, the marriage lasting only briefly. After Navy service he earned a Harvard MBA and worked for a decade in business. In 1984 he switched careers, joining the Port of Long Beach as harbor patrol officer, ultimately retiring as the chief of the harbor patrol. He married his second wife, Catherine Davis, in Los Angeles in May 2000. His adoptive son, Lamar Howard, and family cared for Ed during his final illness.

Ed is survived by his wife, son, four grandchildren, and the Class of ’67, which laments the loss of our unique and honorable friend.

Undergraduate Class of 1967