Felix passed away April 16, 2021, in Metairie, La. He was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia.

After graduating cum laude from Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pa., Felix took a circuitous route to arrive at Princeton. Having gained admission to both the U.S. Naval Academy and Princeton, because his father had attended the Naval Academy and retired as a rear admiral, Felix chose Annapolis. A naval career was not to be, however, for during his plebe year he was dropped from the Academy for medical reasons. He transferred to Princeton as a sophomore, where he took his meals at Elm Club, enrolled in the chemistry department, and roomed with Arv Anderson, Marzke, Matthews, Mockridge and Wentz. 

In the two years following graduation he enrolled in the evening master’s degree program in metallurgical engineering at Stevens Institute, wed his first wife in December 1959, and enrolled in the daytime MBA program at Columbia. He earned his master’s degree in June 1962 and his MBA in September. Then followed a brief turn as a metallurgist for Kaiser Aluminum in New Orleans, a career change to banking with Whitney National (where he met and married his second wife), and retirement as vice president and trust officer in 1992.

Felix is survived by his wife of 49 years, Dena; sons Craig and Keith; and daughter Felicia. We have sent condolences.

Undergraduate Class of 1959