GAIRDNER MOMENT died Aug. 25, 1990, at the Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore. He graduated from Montclair H.S., and at Princeton was a debater and majored in biology. He took his doctorate in zoology at Yale.

He joined the Goucher College faculty in 1932, and was head of the Dept. of Biology 193958. In later years he devoted his studies to the biology of aging, and wrote numerous articles on this subject. He edited the magazine GROWTH for 17 years. Before his death he had nearly finished a book on a new look at evolution. In 1981 the new wing of the science building at Goucher was named for him. Gairdner was active at the Grace United Methodist Church.

Gairdner was married to Ann Reed Faben, herself a biologist, in June 1937. She survives him, as do four children, Charles G. Moment '59, Sarah Atis, Ann Combs, and Jane Jordan, and eight grandchildren. Gairdner was part of a Princeton family: his uncles were Rev. John James Moment'96 and J. Frederick Cross'06; cousins were Henry B. Cross Jr. '36, James F. Cross III '37, deceased, Deming S. Cross'38, and Robert Moment '38, deceased.

Gairdner was a faithful attender of reunions. We shall miss his widely inquiring mind and his warm friendship, and our deep sympathy is with Ann and their family.

The Class of 1928

Undergraduate Class of 1928