George died Aug. 27, 2021, in New Haven, Vt., at age 86.

Brought up in Evanston, Ill., George showed an early proclivity for music. After undergraduate studies at Amherst, where he played in several musical groups, he earned an MBA at Stanford Business School, then moved to Germany and did a stint with Radio Free Europe. Realizing that music was his life’s love, he earned an MFA at Princeton in 1964.

George spent his academic career at Middlebury, where he was the Christian A. Johnson Professor of Music. The courses he taught ranged over a wide variety of genres, from theory and analysis to composition, classical music, medieval and Renaissance music, 20th-century music, computer music, and Mozart opera.

With a love of electroacoustic music born during his Princeton years, George established the Middlebury Electroacoustic Studio. He released several albums of his own electronic compositions and composed many pieces for performances. He maintained a strong connection with Dartmouth’s electronic music community.

Whether teaching the Nielsen Symphonies, the harpsichord music of Bach, the rags of Scott Joplin, or his own electroacoustic music, George brought his passion to the classroom.

George is survived by sons Grey and Scott, daughter Kate, and two grandsons.

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