George died April 26, 2020, in Mount Holly, N.J., after contracting the coronavirus.

His education on campus began immediately when he stepped off the Dinky with his twin brother, John ’65: Bags checked on the train don’t get there for a week. And arriving freshmen could get instant credit at the U-Store.

He interrupted his education to serve with the Army in Vietnam, and then graduated with honors from the Woodrow Wilson School. He went on to earn a V.MD. and a Ph.D. (specializing in neurology) from the University of Pennsylvania, applying his love of animals for a time as a veterinary clinician. He finished his career working more than 20 years as a senior web developer for Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia.

George enjoyed tennis, taught his young daughter classical guitar, and spoke to his dogs in Russian. He was memorable. When hailed “Hey, waiter!” in Commons, he’d answer, “Whadya want, eater?” And his roommates still talk about the night in Philadelphia that he convinced a mugger to return his money.

He is survived by his loving wife, Natasha; children Ingrid, Tommy, and Lana; grandchildren Gianni and Talia; and siblings John ’65, Bill, and Shirley Mae Johnson.

Undergraduate Class of 1965