George, an educator, author, and composer, died Feb. 6, 2022, at Bridgeport Hospital following complications from an illness. 

Born in 1951 in New York, he came to Princeton at the age of 16 and graduated in three years. He went on to study Ancient Greek at the University of London and later Cambridge University. As a linguist and Latin teacher, he mastered more than 33 languages. 

After completing his studies, George went in search of spiritual enlightenment, first in the Shetland Islands and later in India, where his spiritual mentor gave him the nickname Herren, which means “blissful diamond.” He then met his wife of 40 years, Nancy Garfield, where the couple became enthusiastic educators. George’s teaching career covered four decades from Brooklyn to New Haven and most recently Foran High School in Milford, Conn. He published his first novel, Daniel’s Return in 2014. He was also a screenwriter, filmmaker, composer, and pianist. His feature film, A Moment in Time, premiered in 2010 and he also composed extensive music and poetry, including an opera in Russian. 

George is survived by stepsons Joshua and Maurice; Maurice’s wife, Katie; and brothers Curtis and Christopher.

Undergraduate Class of 1974