Punchy came to Princeton from Allentown (Pa.) Catholic High School and Perkiomen Prep. At Princeton he majored in history and played varsity football on our championship team. He joined Cap and Gown and belonged to the Catholic Club. He roomed with Bill Jannen, Bill Wilshire, John Emery, and Dick Pivirotto.

After running the family business, Kline’s Beverages, he operated Bethlehem Sporting Goods for many years. His outlook was summed up in words he offered in his statement for The Book of Our History, “God is good and life is good.”

He died June 9, 2017. He is survived by his wife, Betty; and their children, Mary Beth, George Jr., Anne, Regina, Kathleen, and Constance. The class sends good wishes to them on the loss of their husband and father, who was our cheerful and beloved classmate.

Undergraduate Class of 1952