George died March 21, 2020, of a heart attack in Delray Beach, Fla. He was 86 years old and had been vigorous until a week before his death, continuing to play golf and visit his gym. Sandy, his wife of 64 years, said a bout of lung cancer “never stopped him. He continued to run and to handle his business up until the end. He was in great shape. He was 6-foot-2, 156 pounds, and not until a week before he died did he say he wasn’t feeling well.” 

George was born Nov. 2, 1933, in Newark, N.J., and graduated from Newark Academy. At Princeton he joined Dial Lodge, majored in mechanical engineering, and roomed senior year with Barry Schenk. In IAA sports he played basketball, softball, and volleyball. 

Since 1980 he and his wife had split their time between homes in New Jersey and Florida until five years ago, when they moved full time to Delray Beach. George continued to run his business that created and sold equipment used in the automotive industry. In New Jersey he was president of his golf club and in Florida served on the board of his club. 

George is survived by Sandra; their three children, Bradley, Linda Kreisberg, and Margery Feinberg; seven grandchildren; and his brother, Steven.  

Undergraduate Class of 1955