George’s life was full. A St. Louis native, he came to Princeton from The Lawrenceville School. He majored in psychology, joined Cottage Club, and was a trustee and treasurer of the Classmate Fund. His senior-year roommates were Henry Bose, Bill Dohrmann, Charlie Greathouse, Ned Massengill, Don Streett, and Dick Weil. George graduated from Army OCS and Airborne and Ranger schools. Over four years, he became commander of an airmobile rifle company. 

After, he was in institutional security sales in New York for 10 years, then joined his father in starting a nuclear-fuel brokering, trading, and consulting company. The work entailed travel to wherever in the world nuclear fuel was mined and used. George’s leisure passion was sport parachuting, later with senior groups participating in some world records. He retired from this only eight years ago with, he said, 1,957 jumps, 34 hours of which were in free fall. George and his wife supported the Carmel (Calif.) Public Library and the Carmel Valley Memorial Foundation. 

George and Jo met in 1951 before either could drive; they married in 1960. They had a daughter, Lindsay ’87, a son, Walker, and seven grandchildren, some of whom attended Princeton. George died peacefully Aug. 25, 2021. 

Undergraduate Class of 1957