Glen died July 13, 2017, at his home in Webbers Falls, Okla. He was 95.

Born in South Pasadena, Calif., Glen attended South Pasadena High School, where he participated in boxing, student government, and debating. He graduated from Princeton in 1946.

Glen distinguished himself as a naval officer in the Pacific, Korea, and the Antarctic. During the course of his service, he and those serving with him received Presidential and Secretary of the Navy citations. Glen earned a law degree from the University of San Francisco in 1952, but soon heard the Navy calling him back into service in the Antarctic. He finally retired from the Navy in 1973 due to a bout of stomach cancer. Fortunately, his treatment put the cancer into remission, but his legal aspirations were put on the shelf and he took up farming and ranching in Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and finally Oklahoma.

Glen married Nellie May Thomas April 28, 1944, and they spent 51 happy years together. After Nellie died Glen soon met and married Imogene Plunkett, with whom he enjoyed nearly 20 years of bliss. He regretted not having any children, but said he felt that he had “made peace” with his God. He was an active member of Gore United Methodist Church until his death.

Glen said about the impact of Princeton, “I reckon it made me a better man by far — and in turn I’ve tried to be of service to my fellow men and women.”

Undergraduate Class of 1943