Glenn died Sept. 17, 2021. 

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Glenn came to Princeton from Hudson High School. He began with the Class of 1975, majoring in basic engineering, and finished with the Class of 1976. He was often called by the moniker “Doc Martin.” Classmate Bob Greenberg remembered, “As for the nickname ‘Doc,’ it was none other than Richard deSante who came up with that, based on the gold wire-rimmed glasses Glenn wore, which were so otherwise out of character. Glenn was a good wrestler, as once I jumped him and he pinned me in about 10 seconds, probably less. He was also a competitive bicyclist; I bought his racing bike from him.” Rick deSante recalled, “Glenn was a very easygoing, affable young man with a strong Boston accent and a stronger affection for the BoSaaacks.” They all enjoyed playing intense battles of late-night foosball at their Cuyler dorm room game table.

After college Glenn joined the Air Force and moved to California. He settled in Prairieville, La., where he was a supervisor at the U.S. Post Office and raised a family with his wife, Jeannie. He enjoyed playing golf, chess, and shooting pool. Glenn was a proud USAF veteran.

The class officers send sincere condolences to Jeannie; daughter Julia Hamilton; son and daughter-in-law Rob and Carla Baker; son Ryan; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Undergraduate Class of 1976