Gregg died Jan. 19, 2003, of respiratory failure following a five-year bout with Alzheimer's.

Gregg came to Princeton from Vineland [N.J.] High School, majored in biology, and ate at Dial Lodge. He spent five years at the U. of Rochester, where he received his doctorate and met his wife, Laura Macy. Gregg's career in the physical and biological sciences began with a five-year stint at Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, followed by 21 years of college teaching, first at Fairleigh Dickinson U. and then at Mercy College.

Gregg's career reflected his deepest commitments and beliefs, which were never complicated or obscure. His was a sensible, unified and interrelated universe. He was unstintingly loyal to family and friends, believed in the power and potential of the common man, and strove to prove the synergy and the interrelatedness of scientific disciplines in his teaching and in writing. Gregg and his family were a fixture at Princeton reunions, where he renewed his love for Princeton and friendship with classmates.

To Gregg's wife of 32 years, Laura, his daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, and his brother, Gary, the class extends its deepest sympathy.

The Class of 1966

Undergraduate Class of 1966