Greg’s journey through life was a blessing to many, a blessing that encouraged them sometimes to see better the world around them and its possibilities. Greg’s own journey was bound by an unobtrusive, principled boldness to do good for the world. Post-Princeton, it took him from teaching at the Punahou School in Hawaii to Princeton admissions, Trenton Times reporter, head of the New Jersey anti-poverty program, president for 20 years of the Fund for the City of New York (a Ford Foundation creation) to his creation in 1992 of EL Education. His vision there was to transform public (and now charter) schools into something of an Outward Bound course emphasizing discovery, teamwork, and real-world “learning expeditions.” The schools now serve about 500,000 students in inner cities and poor rural areas. Greg retired from running EL in 2008 but continued encouraging its well-being and expansion. 

When you spoke with Greg, you had his full and serious attention; his responses were respectful, never critical, and often witty. At Princeton he was a Chapel deacon and a member of the Triangle Club and Cap and Gown. He had many friends. 

Greg died March 29, 2020, of leukemia in New York City. His beloved wife, Cathy, died of dementia a year ago. Two sons, Andrew and Nick, and several grandchildren survive him.  

Undergraduate Class of 1957