Guy died March 10, 2021, near Santa Ana, Calif. He was born in Oklahoma City Jan. 1, 1946. 

Guy attended Casady School, where he was a co-captain of the football team, ran track, played basketball, and was president of the “C” Club. At Princeton he majored in economics; was active in the judo and Outing clubs, 150-pound football and crew; and ate at Cloister. After Princeton he joined the Marines and served as a first lieutenant in Vietnam. 

After that service he managed Asian imports for his family business, the C.R. Anthony Co. He lived and worked in Taiwan and Korea for almost 20 years. In the late 1980s he moved back to the United States and bought and managed a water-fitness equipment company called Hydro-Tone. 

At age 50, Guy married KahDo Cho, whom he had met in Korea, and they settled in Orange County, Calif., with their dogs. They traveled to Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Korea to spend time with family. 

Guy is survived by his wife, KahDo; his five brothers; and their families. To them, the class extends its profound sympathies.

Undergraduate Class of 1968