A financial consultant in New York City who helped nonprofits grow and prosper, Harry died May 31, 2021, in Manhattan after a long illness. 

What distinguished Harry throughout his life was his astonishingly quick-response sense of humor, his compassion for people in need, and his love for — and loyalty to — the people closest to him.

At Princeton Harry majored in French and English, ate at Charter, played rugby, and was president of the French Club. Upon graduation he served three tours of duty as an intelligence officer in the Navy — two terms on the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea in Vietnam and later at the Pentagon.

After years as an officer at both Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Continental Illinois National Bank, Harry became CFO of a South Bronx community-development group, sat on the board of a child-welfare organization, and was a mentor for SCORE/New York. 

His achievements also included rehabilitating the schooner Bowdoin, white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon, and trail-riding in Utah. 

He is survived by his life partner of 38 years, Arline E. Vogel of Manhattan; and his brother Geoffrey and his wife, Kathryn Precourt of Newcastle, Maine. Condolences have been sent in memory of a man who stayed busy doing good.

Undergraduate Class of 1965